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Set amongst the Icelandic winter, Winter's Night will be a 7-day photographic journey from the from the rugged highlands to the black sand shores of the North Atlantic coastline. Hosted by Benjamin, Donal, Jarrad and assisted by Amy, we will be guiding you in creating landscape, lifestyle, and creative environmental portrait imagery amidst some of the most dramatic landscapes on Earth.

Exploring frozen waterfalls, snow capped mountains, valleys, volcanic river systems and unique natural landforms each day, we will explore photographic concepts while out in the field, bringing our imagery back to the cabin in our down time to sculpt unique edits through our individual post-processing methods.


With glowing arctic daylight and dark midnight skies, the focus of this workshop will be on documenting the winter landscape. Winter's Night will be a seven-day workshop, giving ten individuals the opportunity to travel and learn with us. As always, we've kept this to a small group and want to attract a different kind of traveller than you might normally expect on a tour – creative adventure seekers who enjoy sleeping in nature and are totally focused on creating epic imagery. We will be doing whatever it takes to capture the best images, whether it means hiking into the mountainside or braving the cold winds and snow, we're up for it if you are.

We will be travelling in a Benjamin's modified Land Rover Defender and a monster 10-seater sprinter alongside a team of 10 plus myself, Donal, Jarrad and Amy, to ensure everyone has enough individual time with mentors. This will also be a great opportunity to collaborate extensively with other members of the group, sharing each others stories and unique visions while we travel on the road.

This is a rare chance to get hands on training in photographic principles as well as social media and career advice from creatives who do this for a living!


Jarrad Seng

Jarrad Seng is an Australian-based photographer, filmmaker, and professional Steve Aoki impersonator. His unique approach to creativity has seen him work with some of the world's biggest brands, artists and tourism agencies. With his talents in high demand, this is a very rare chance to learn directly from Jarrad in an epic environment.

Benjamin Hardman

Benjamin is an Australian photographer based in Reykjavik, Iceland. With several years of experience shooting within the majestic landscape of Iceland, he has acquired excellent knowledge on subject locations and finding unique perspectives for photography. After gaining AIPP professional accreditation in late 2013, Benjamin has held two solo photographic exhibitions, both carrying the subject of the Icelandic landscape.

Donal Boyd

Donal Boyd is an American-Irish photographer based in South Iceland with over 10 years of professional photography experience. After living in Iceland for more than a year full-time he’s recently started to expand his photography workshops to other locations worldwide, starting with Namibia. Donal lived in Namibia back in 2012 working on a sustainable energy project with a local NGO and recently returned in 2016 to pursue his passion for wildlife conservation. After visiting Erindi he fell in love with the reserve and in February 2017 Donal held his first photographic workshop on the savannah co-hosted with Jarrad.

Amy Haslehurst

Amy Haslehurst is a fine-art & photography graduate specialising in conceptual and creative portraiture. Amy will be assisting with portraiture technique, logistics, modelling, and creative input throughout the workshop.


December 2 - 9, 2017




€3700 Euros 5% of profits will go directly to the Icelandic Environment Association (Landvernd).


Some of the main areas on our route:

Day One - Our Grímsnes Cabin

Day Two & Three - Þórsmörk

Day Four - Mýrdalsjökull

Day Five & Six - Vatnajökull & East Iceland

Day Seven - South Coast & Reykjavík


- Photography mentoring for seven days

- Camera technique, analysis of light & conditions, composition & aesthetics, portraiture and posing models, image retouching, social media

- 7 days shooting on the road

- 7 nights accommodation (twin or triple share)

- Guided Glacial Hike - Potential Ice Caves

- Transport costs

- All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)


- Flights (you will need to make your own way to Reykjavík by at least one day before we commence)

- Snacks on the road

What level of photography is required?

This workshop is open to beginners, professionals and everything in between. The only criteria is that you have a passion for photography and have the motivation to be be on the go every day and night.

What do I need to bring?
We are venturing out into the early Winter period of Iceland, so being prepared for all kinds of dramatic weather including snowfall is the key to having a comfortable trip during this time. Warm and waterproof outer layers, thermals, and water resistant boots are all highly recommended. Warm gloves and beanies also come in handy. We will go over this in more detail once the group has been finalized.

Will I see snow and/or aurora?
Whilst we can never predict the weather, there is a high chance of seeing both in this period.

What is the weather like?

The winter in Iceland is a little chilly, with temperatures around -2 - 4 degrees Celsius. As we will be travelling inland, the temperature is a little colder and less sheltered from wind. The weather at this time can be rapidly changing in Iceland, from snow blizzards and gale force wind to blue skies and calmness all in the matter of an hour, so being prepared for everything is key.

What camera gear should I bring?
At the very least you should have access to your own DSLR/mirror less camera body, a few lenses (both a wide angle and telephoto would make an awesome duo) and a sturdy tripod. A Neutral Density filter is a nice addition for those silky smooth long exposure images if that's what you're looking to achieve. We will have group editing sessions each evening, so a laptop will be crucial to getting the most out of the trip.

Will there be time to do other activities outside of the workshop?
Certainly. We've planned the itinerary for the seven days, however you are more than welcome to extend your stay in Iceland on either end (in fact, we recommend it). We can provide advice and recommend operators if you'd like to experience things like the Blue Lagoon, helicopter tours or visit other popular locations that we cannot fit in our timeframe.

What level of fitness is required?

We will be doing a substantial amount of walking and occasional uphill hiking on the trip. However, we can spilt up the group and do shorter hikes if necessary. As it is colder in December, we won’t be outside for too long at a time unless the stoke level is really high!


To apply, please fill in the expression of interest here:

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Applications close October 8, 2017.

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